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How do you know that I’m at meeting now?

Simply! You define a keyword, the app looks for a calendar entry having the keyword in subject/description.
Combining the Calendar Based condition having the “meeting” keyword with Activate Profile “Silent” action in one Rule automatically switches sound off during your meetings.

How to define my home, office or some location?

The menu on Locations tab might give you some hints. We are still in discussion about how to simplify understanding of “location” concept, so, screen shots and guidelines are coming soon…

Android provides two methods to identify your phone location:

  • Using GPS satellites. Accurate, but  does not works inside building and consume a lot of battery. Due to this reasons Setting Profiles does not support percise GPS positioning.
  • Using wireless networks. Less accurate, but energy efficient. You can read here to find out how it works. Setting Profiles uses this method to track phone location in two, slightly different ways:
    1. Relying on Google MyLocation Api.
      Pros: quite easy from user point of view – just double click on map location and phone position, provided by Google MyLocation Api, will be matched against that location.
      Cons: generates some internet traffic and does not works if internet is not available (if you use apndroid for example to turn off gprs/edge/3g). If Google for some reason mistakenly identifies cell towers coordinates (and it does happens due to nature of underlying architecture) your location detection will be unstable.
    2. Relying on unique Cell Towers ids. Well, under the hood Google MyLocation Api is based on same Cell Towers ids, but instead querying it’s coordinates and matching them against desired lat/lon location Setting Profiles will just save all ids phone ‘hears’ in that particular place and will assume it’s presence in that place as long as it ‘hear’ those cells.
      Pros: does not rely on cells lat/lon coordinates, does not consume any internet traffic for location tracking.
      Cons: more complex setup – you can only define location when you are physically located there and it takes some time to scan for all visible cells (however this can be done in background and only at the initial location definition).

In addition to methods above location can be identified by visibility of specific Wi-Fi access point.

Pros: very accurate.
Cons: obviously you need to have Wi-Fi always enabled to rely on this approach.

Is it possible to temporary activate a profile for 30 minutes?

Yes, it does! Here go the steps how to do:

  1. Put our widget to home screen (Skip if you have had such)
  2. Click on the Setting Profile widget, Toggle Profile dialog opens
  3. Click on the clock icon right to the profile name
  4. Choose the time period for the profile to be active: 30m, 1h, 2h, 3h

Home Screen Widget

Toggle Profile

Timely Activate Profile

How to define when and where a setting profile must be activated?

It’s done via “Rules”. A rule has conditions and actions. Conditions define when and where actions should be applied.
A profile can be activated as an action. As soon as conditions are not met, the profile is deactivated.

Here go the steps to set up the rule: “When I’m home 8 PM through 8 AM, activate Silent profile”

  1. Choose the Locations tab, define a new location “@Home” (Skip if you have already had such)
  2. Choose the Rules tab, add a new rule
  3. Add a new Location Based condition: choose @Home
  4. Add a new Time Based condition: specify the time period the rule to be active
  5. Add a new action Activate Profile and choose Silent profile

Define Location

Create New Rule

Add Condition

Add Condition

Choose Time

How can I activate a setting profile in two clicks?

Easily! Just create a Home Screen Widget and you can access setting profiles in one click and activate a profile in another!

Imagine, you have unplanned a meeting and want to mute the phone ring, now no need to remember to switch sound back:
just activate the silent profile for 30, 60 ,… minutes and it will be deactivated in specified time.

Choose Setting Profiles Widget

Home Screen Widget

Timely Activate Setting Profile

What if I don’t want to miss an important call while I’m on mute?

You can overwrite current sound settings with a rule based on Incoming Call condition.
Here is how to:

  1. Create a new rule
  2. Add Incoming Call condition and set it to your preferred contacts group (like VIP or Family)
  3. Add Activate Profile action to activate the profile where sound is On and/or some custom ring tone specified

That’s it! Now even if your phone is set to mute, it will still ring in case of a call from someone from Contact Group you have set up in step two.

p.s. Yes, you can customize your ringtone for selected contacts group using this condition!

Add New Rule

Add New Action

Incoming Call Condition

How to auto disable phone ring when I’m at home in the evening?

Let’s split the question into the parts: “disable phone ring” means having a profile with the sound option switched off, “I’m at home” — location “Home” and “in the evening” means time condition.

A rule will combine these parts together:

  1. Define a “Silent” profile with the sound option switched off (skip if you have such already)
  2. Define a location “Home” at Locations tab (if no such one already)
  3. Add a rule with two conditions: Location Based – “@Home” and the Time Based – “8:00 PM – 8:00 AM” and the action – activate profile “Silent”
  4. Activate the rule

Note: the gray chip at the left of a rule means “inactive”, the green one for a profile – “active”.

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