How to define when and where a setting profile must be activated?

It’s done via “Rules”. A rule has conditions and actions. Conditions define when and where actions should be applied.

A profile can be activated as an action. As soon as conditions are not met, the profile is deactivated.

Here go the steps to set up the rule: “When I’m home 8 PM through 8 AM, activate Silent profile”

  1. Choose the Locations tab, define a new location “@Home” (Skip if you have already had such)
  2. Choose the Rules tab, add a new rule
  3. Add a new Location Based condition: choose @Home
  4. Add a new Time Based condition: specify the time period the rule to be active
  5. Add a new action Activate Profile and choose Silent profile

Define Location

Create New Rule

Add Condition

Add Condition

Choose Time

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  1. Zach:

    I’d like my phone to ring when I’m at home during daytime hours (8am-10pm), and be silent every other time and place. I’ve set up a “home” profile (with rules centered on my house during those hours) and a “silent” profile for that purpose. I have two problems to solve:

    - “home” is often active during daytime hours regardless of where I am.

    - a “default” profile doesn’t exist… I’ve set up rules to activate “silent” at night and when I’m at work, but I’d still like to activate “silent” any time I’m out of the house.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Zach:

    OH… I have a DROID on Verizon, and I see that location isn’t supported on CDMA. That must be the issue! And I discovered how to set a profile to be “Default” minutes after posting this… why does that always happen!

  3. Kim:

    I have an Eris on Verizon and location works for me. I have a home profile set up that increases the volume on my notifications and turns off bluetooth. If I am not within range of my house, it does not activate. As soon as I get close enough, it activates. Maybe I am just lucky?

  4. support:

    Only Cell IDs type of location is not supported on CDMA. The one called Lat/Lon should work. Try to decrease range and if it does not help turn on Debug and after some time of running send it us along with your setting backup for investigation

  5. Trini Android Fan:

    Will there be any change of a default profile option anytime soon?

  6. turoks:


  7. Hesky:

    Hi I have a problem on setting overnight rules for different days in the week.

    I have a sleep profile. I want it to be activated from 22:30 Sunday – Thursday to 7:00 next morning, also 23:30 Fri Sat to 9:00 next morning.

    So I set my a rule with action activate Sleep and conditions are 22:30 – 7:00 Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thur or 23:30 – 9:00 Fri, Sat.

    So far it switch back OK from Sleep to General (my default profile) on Tue Wed and Thur morning. However, it doesn’t do it on Friday morning.

    So I guess the end time period for a rule suppose to be the same day? or I have to have another rule to cover the next day to switch it back? What I’m guessing is that the switch back on Tue morning is actually cover by the Tue night rule?

    I only have this app for less than a week, so haven’t tested on Sunday morning.

    Hope all make sense. cheers.

  8. Nev..:

    I see noone has replied… I found an easy solution to this Hesky, if you haven’t worked it out already.
    I get up at 630 M-F and I like to sleep in till at least 930 on saturday and sunday. On worknights I go to bed at 10pm but I like to stay up late till 1am on Friday and Saturday nights.
    I set up my sleep rule conditions as such…

    EVERY DAY 0100 – 0630
    SAT, SUN 0630-0930
    SUN,MON,TUES,WED,THURS 2200-0100