So far this is most confusing area of our app.

Setting Profiles takes quite different approach to profiles comparing to other similar apps. It allows to have multiple profiles active at one time. And here is typical use case why:

  • you have office profile: special ringtone, wifi on, office is quite so volume is set to 50%. activates 0800-1700 while at @office
  • you created onMeeting rule to get mute during calendar events with some keywords
  • you have onCharger profile to timeout screen after 10 min and bright it up (who cares for power consumption while on charger?)

So with multiple profiles active all this three profiles and rules to activate them work nicely together. Since it is possible to be in the office, on meeting and with charger connected at the same time in real world,  we do allow three profiles active at the same time in Setting Profiles app as well. Try to imaging how to handle such case with classical single profile active approach…

What happens if two profiles have conflicting setting? The one activated most recently or with higher priority will win. The order in which profiles were activated is shown by small numbers on colored tag left to active profile.