Setting Profiles v1.1.1 what’s new


  • Added support for Locale plugins (need to install SP Locale Plugin Adapter from market)
  • Added green chip highlighting for currently active location
  • Added ’start earlier’ and ‘finish later’ options for CalendarCondition
  • Added Touchdown calendar support
  • Added Lockscreen on/off preference
  • Fixed ‘Selected app can not be monitored’ restriction for most of the apps.
  • Fixed not restoring logical operation for some conditions after SP restarted

New name for Setting Profiles

After some doubts and sleepless nights we have finally decided to take a risk and change the name of our quite generic Setting Profiles app to something more unique and memorizing.

If you have an idea for a better name please post it on

Make sure that you prefix your idea with newname: so it will be easy to filter out all proposals like this See all proposals for new name of Setting Profiles

Setting Profiles v1.1 what’s new


  • Added explicit logic expressions to the rule condition (AND, OR and group of OR)
  • Added drag and drop for conditions and actions order manunipulations (drag by left 1/3 of the item)
  • Added support for multiple data storage for backup and wallpapers on newest motorola phones
  • Fixed issue with RunApp action not able to start some apps (Permission denied msg)
  • added GPS preference on Tools tab for those lucky ones to have Gingerbread firmware version still able to control GPS
  • Added new condition Running App
  • Added Inverse condition logic to Battery condition

Setting Profiles v1.0.20 what’s new


  • Added special notification text color for Samsung phones
  • Fixed title color for notifications on OS 2.3+
  • Fixed deactivation of a profile if more than one rule reference it
  • Added rule activation/deactivation delay, Edit Rule> Menu:Tweaks
  • Added verbose description for big numbers in Tools>next rule check time

Setting Profiles v1.0.19 what’s new


  • Fixed FC if Tools> Single Profile Active is on and profile is temporary activated via widget
  • os2.2+: Fixed reverting vibra to “Only in Silent mode” if the only silent mode is on in profile and system vibra is set to “Never”


  • Fixed applying new setting if active profile is edited. Multiple active profiles are taken into account.
  • Added progress dialog when wallpaper is being saved after setting change
  • Added support of GINGERVillain firmwares as CM ones
  • Fixed InCall condition to support “Unknown” numbers as “Any number”
  • Added support of CM-based firmware: “Elelinux”
  • 2G/3G is back again in CM firmwares
  • Default profile restores settings
  • Fixed activation of profiles if “Tools> Single profile active” is on

Setting Profiles v1.0.18 what’s new


  • Connected BT device condition fixed for most of devices
  • fix for multiple numbers on individual contacts lost after app restart
  • added new vibra settings on Froyo (Always, Never, Only in Silent mode, only when not in Silent mode)
  • changed RunApp Action setup from app name auto-complete to visual activity picker.
  • added integration with Volume Locker (should also work with AAM and other volume guard apps). So changing volume through SP is accepted by volume guard.
  • added Active Call condition
  • fixed Incoming Call from any number
  • added Pause custom delay
  • added Data Enabled (replaces APNDroid for data access over mobile networks control) only for CyanogenMod 6.0 ROM
  • added Preferred Network Mode with Auto, 2G only, 3G only modes only for CyanogenMod 6.0 ROM
  • added Portable Wi-Fi hotspot (found it very convenient to auto turn WiFi hotspot once plugged in at home) only for CyanogenMod 6.0 ROM
  • added option to store Wallpapers on external sdcard
  • kill app on Froyo should work more stable
  • added localization to Polish (thank you Marcin!)
  • added localization to Russian (thank you Iren!)
  • added draft localization to Italian (thank you Metteo!)


  • Fixed CPU hog introduced with 18.3 update
  • Added integration to v1.04 of No Lock Thanks to BoD it’s now possible to wave off lock pattern on Froyo
    RunApp -> No Lock -> Enable No Lock/Return to normal mode


  • added multiple phones support for Incoming Call, Missed Call and Unread Text/SMS conditions
  • added Widget auto-close option
  • added Missed number as possible Text/SMS recipient in Notify Action
    here are some more details on how it can be used
  • added manual SSID enter for WiFi locations, so it is possible to define locations identified by WiFi AP you don’t have access to.


  • added workaround to fix KillApp issue on Nexus One stock Froyo


  • added option to show active profile counter in status bar
  • fixed Kill App on Froyo
    as of Froyo Google decided to change corresponding API. Here is the quote from docs “the previous behavior here is no longer available to applications because it allows them to break other applications by removing their alarms, stopping their services, etc.”. Due to this change it’s no longer possible to kill app if it’s currently running in foreground.
  • added multi-day all-day Calendar events support
  • fixed bug with TimePeriod rules not firing in some cases
  • added workaround for SP Market visibility for Android 1.5 and 1.6 phones


  • changed Cell Towers identified locations UI
  • added Cell Towers identified locations for CDMA phones
  • added Screen On/Off condition
  • fixed rules not triggering condition bug for rules when TimePeriod end time is earlier than start time (like 21:00-07:00)
  • changed temporary profile activation logic with extending time for same period
  • fixed ‘New profile’ dialog is always displayed after screen rotation

Setting Profiles v1.0.17 what’s new


  • fixed Calendar condition broken with 1.0.17
  • fixed Battery condition OK/Cancel buttons not visible on some phones
  • fixed active profiles status not updating in notification bar
  • fixed FC with ScreenTimeout preference


  • added priorities for profile activation according to this logic
  • added optional shortcut to notification status bar
  • added USB/AC plug detection to Battery condition

Setting Profiles v1.0.16 what’s new


  • added green chip indicating active status of Rule on Rule list activity
  • added green chip indicating Condition is true on Rule edit activity


  • few FC fixes
  • fixed Calendar Condition on Froyo
    if you were using individual calendars in condition you might need to re-select them after upgrade
  • Unlock pattern no longer accessible for change by third-party apps. Removed this options for Froyo


  • added Profile Status condition
  • added OR logic for Time, Location, Connected BT and Profile status conditions
    just keep adding the same condition type to your rule, and the rule will deal with ORing them together
  • added Wallpaper setting to profile
    The way it works now is that whenever you select this setting in profile it will start standard system Set Wallpaper activity, than SP will make a copy of selected wallpaper and restore to original wallpaper (if profile was not active). There are few side effects and limitations:

    • Live wallpapers are not supported yet
    • Obviously SP will double store wallpapers in it’s own directory consuming space
    • third party wallpaper managers will be supported only if they respond to standard SET_WALLPAPER activity (well, maybe they all do since it’s the only way to integrate into MENU -> Wallpaper, but since we never used any, we are not sure)

  • added ‘Show on Widget’ option to profile
    for existing profiles Long tap and select ‘Change name, color’
  • fixed Wifi+Airplane mode not working together on Android 2.*
  • fixed issue with NOT logic disabling rule
  • most probably fixed ‘double profiles’ issue

Setting Profiles v1.0.15 what’s new


  • fixed issue with some conditions (connected BT device and maybe few others) stop working after phone reboot
  • added NOT logic for Wired Headset and Connected to BT device conditions
  • reversed action execution order on profile deactivation


  • added Connected to WiFi condition
  • added NOT logic for Location, Calendar and Connected to WiFi conditions


  • Replaced green widget bar with profile color coded one supporting up to 4 active profiles in order of activation
  • Added Scheduled Period condition
    Now you can setup SP to enable mobile internet through APNDroid, activate auto-sync and trigger NewsRob full sync every 30 minutes if not connected to charger for example. This should save a lot of battery! Upcoming versions with NOT logic for conditions and connected to *any* WiFi AP would bring even more flexibility.

Setting Profiles support forum

As mentioned earlier in attempt to clean up this blog we already created dedicated place for new feature requests

Here we come with google group dedicated to support and other discussions

We will try to answer all questions posted on forum, but please be patient since we need to balance our time between further development of the app, our day job and families (listed not in order of importance ;-)

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